Car Finance

We have a range of loans available for your car finance needs. When considering a car loan, it is important to focus on three things:

  1. The total amount being financed. You may find that your $49,999 car is actually a $60,000 loan once things such as insurances, and other costs that you’re likely to be unaware of, have been added to the loan.
  2. What your monthly repayments will be. The repayments on a $49,999 loan at an interest rate of 6% are less than a $60,000 loan at a 2% interest rate.
  3. The actual interest rate. It’s often a good idea to consider the ‘comparison rate’ as this takes into account any fees and charges associated with the loan and whether there is an introductory special and the loan defaults to a higher interest rate at a later period. Although, as mentioned above, the interest rate alone is not sufficient to compare loans.

Here’s an example of what we were able to do for client that was looking to get finance through a dealer:

Dealer Us
Purchase Price $61,808 $61,808
Fortnightly repayments $801 $562
Saving over 5 year loan $31,000

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